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What About Me Is Hardest for You to Understand?

March 11, 2022 - May 15, 2022

Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

For this platinum palladium print series, I created staged self-portraiture in expressing my fluid identity as a former catholic, queer Latina. Raised in a conservative household, I was subjugated to intense homophobia and predetermined gender roles. I was confused growing up as a young adult who was barely coming to terms with her sexuality, as well as how I wanted to identify myself. Although I am constantly unlearning and have grown immensely, I still sometimes struggle with the internalized homophobic and misogynistic gender roles within my home space. I pose in hyper-feminized and hyper-masculine attire, applying the role of the person that my parents wanted me to be. 

With this project, I come face to face with these struggles and confusions I still have for myself, and to just come to terms with my security and comfortability of my identification. I hope that this series can be a voice for other young queer people who have a hard time finding and/or claiming their space within their own environment.

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