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Does Anyone Know if Any of This is Real?

April 15, 2022 - May 13, 2022

Balzer Contemporary Edge Gallery

Does Anyone Know if Any of This is Real? concerns itself with reincarnation, spirituality and parallel realities. With a combination of paintings, photographs and installation elements, I voice my own experiences and questions within these topics.

The paintings incorporate my doppelgangers (or different versions of myself) in vague settings, while the three concepts mentioned earlier are viewed in a different perspective through supplementary mediums. The paintings are a window into different veracities and times from which my doppelganger looks out from – noticing you as well. The line between our existence and theirs are blurred by certain elements of the paintings coming off the canvas, challenging the fragility of our perceived reality.

Does Anyone Know if Any of This is Real? encourages the viewers to open their minds and question why we were chosen to live in this specific universe, in these bodies, and within the same timeline amongst each other.

Scroll all the way down to view each individual piece!

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